About Us

The Parent Tool Kit -- Helping You Raise Drug-Free Kids

Welcome to The Parent ToolKit.

We know that raising drug-free kids is no easy task. We’ve been out talking to parents all across the country, and also to grandmas, grandpas, aunts, uncles, all kinds of adults who are raising kids. We’ve heard from them great joy in their experiences as well as some frustrations and real challenges they’re facing raising healthy children. We’d like to help. 

Inside The Parent Toolkit you’ll find practical tips and advice for raising drug-free kids from parenting and health experts as well as real parents and other caring adults. Through articles, tool and videos based on the latest scientific research, you’ll find tips for every stage of your child’s life. The toolkit will help you better understand your children, connect with them, protect them, and find out what to do if you discover they’re using drugs or alcohol.

Whether you want to better understand your children, connect with them, protect them or know what to do if you find out they’re using drugs or alcohol, you know, it really all comes down to love. We know you love your children. You’re here because you want to protect their health and help them realize their future potential. We hope The Parent Toolkit makes that a little bit easier for you to keep your kids healthy and drug-free. We also want your feedback and ideas. Tell us what we can give you in the future and we’ll make every effort to do it. Thank you.