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BREAKING NEWS: New Survey – Hispanic Teen Drug Use Significantly Higher Than Other Ethnic Groups

According to the new PATS data, Hispanic teens are more likely to engage in substance abuse when compared to teens from other ethnic groups. They are also more likely than Caucasian and African-American teens to see drugs as part of their environment, to have friends who use drugs and to feel they have easy access to Ecstasy, crack/cocaine, heroin and methamphetamine. Read More >

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The Commissioner’s Play Healthy Awards: Nominate an Extraordinary Youth Coach or Student Athlete

Do you know an outstanding youth coach or student athlete who demonstrates a commitment to fair, drug-free play and an overall healthy lifestyle? Does this person inspire others to give it their all, make the team smile after a big defeat, or show exemplary character and integrity on and off the field?
If you answered YES, then nominate this special person now for The Commissioner's Play Healthy Award!
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Pill-Shaped Products That Glamorize Medicine Abuse: Harmless Fun or Sugarcoating an Epidemic?

Urban Outfitters’ glamorization of medicine abuse was not an isolated event. We’ve stumbled upon quite a few pill-shaped products lately.
Check out the following items and let us know what you think – harmless fun or making light of a serious epidemic?
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Should I Cut Down On My Drinking? Alcohol Awareness Month Is a Good Time to Check

In honor of Alcohol Awareness month, we wanted to share our free alcohol screener at Read More >

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The Best Way to Say “I Love You” to Your Kids This Valentine’s Day? Have a Conversation

Valentine's Day can be a good opportunity to tell your teens you love them and that you care about their health and safety. Here are some tips on how to get your child to open up. Read More >

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Parents: Help Educate Teens About the Dangers of Rx Abuse

Addressing the epidemic of teen medicine abuse is a responsibility that falls upon entire communities, and starts in the home with parents.

By joining the The Medicine Abuse Project this January, parents can help prevent 500,000 teens from abusing medicine abuse within the next five years. We have hand-picked resources tailored specifically for parents, grandparents, and other caretakers of teens on our website, Read More >

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Introducing The Hope Share: Your Story Can Change Someone Else’s

Your story of addiction and recovery can make a major difference in the lives of others — whether it nudges them to get help for themselves or a family member, helps them stay sober, grants them valuable perspective on issues facing a family member, or helps them prevent drug or alcohol dependence in their home.

The Partnership at’s latest initiative, The Hope Share, is all about story sharing. Read More >

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Tips for Dads on Talking to Your Teens

Involved and connected fathers raise teenagers who do better in school, have healthier relationships and stay out of trouble. Read More >


Cheering Your Child Up When a Friend Lets Her Down

Is your teen sad as a result of a friendship that has gone awry? Read More >

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